Trading Notebook: $TGT $BTC.X $SNPS

2024-01-10T16:49:58-05:00January 10, 2024|

$TGT up against resistance on the weekly, and could be setting up for a break through and a run back to $181. Pullback to a key support level, and attempting to bounce here. Huge risk however if the ETF doesn't get approved. $BTC.X Solid bounce so far off of the [...]

Trading Notebook: $VIX $RIOT $SMCI

2024-01-09T18:41:44-05:00January 9, 2024|

$VIX still refusing to break through this basing pattern over the last 1.5 months. Heading back towards the December lows with another volatility crush. $RIOT possible short-term head and shoulders forming, but not confirmed. $SMCI breaking out of its sideways channel today.

Trading Notebook: $AMD $BA $ADSK

2024-01-08T13:36:17-05:00January 8, 2024|

$AMD - nice retest of the massive long-term support level that it previously broke through. So far, it is holding and following through today. One of the more bullish tech stocks over the last three days. $BA attempting to find some support off of the 50-day moving average Solid bounce [...]

Trading Notebook: $MNMD $SBUX $TFC

2024-01-05T15:11:31-05:00January 5, 2024|

Cup and handle breakout on $MNMD in play today. $SBUX long-term trend-line getting a test today. Nice ascending triangle in $TFC following the base breakout in December. Nearing a secondary breakout here.

Trading Notebook: $PTON $QS $DVN

2024-01-04T20:36:16-05:00January 4, 2024|

Strong move out of $PTON, but needs to show it can clear resistance. Similar pattern in mid '23 that resulted in another leg lower. Big base breakout for $QS today from its base. Not something I would want to chase here, except if it could consolidate at current levels in [...]

Trading Notebook: $ZIM $MPLX $PSTG

2024-01-03T19:22:22-05:00January 3, 2024|

$ZIM pushing through some resistance today with a breakout. Wild and volatile stock to manage the risk on though. Short-term you have $MPLX breaking through some resistance but long-term there is a much bigger layer of resistance to be mindful of. $PSTG seeing declining channel band push back on the [...]

Trading Notebook: $RCL $ALGT $NEM

2024-01-02T15:04:49-05:00January 2, 2024|

$RCL rising trend-line off of the October lows is getting crushed today by traders that held off selling until today for tax purposes. $ALGT holding the rising trend-line off of the November lows, despite breaking below it intraday. Will be key for it to hold this level into the close. [...]

Trading Notebook: $DIS $NFLX

2023-12-29T15:05:59-05:00December 29, 2023|

$DIS bull flag pattern, but also playable is the bounce off of the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Keep watching the bull flag in $NFLX...not in play today, but could be in the new year. T2108 (% of stocks above their 40-day moving average) remains extremely overstretched and seeing some [...]

Trading Notebook: $EG $VSCO $PEAK

2023-12-28T15:39:55-05:00December 28, 2023|

$EG parallel channel where price is testing the lower channel band looking for a bounce. $VSCO bull flag re-test. Needs to bounce here, if it is going to continue the breakout from last week. $PEAK long-term declining trend-line nearing a break to the upside. Solid consolidation underneath keeping a good [...]

Trading Notebook: $TSLA $GLD $FBIN

2023-12-27T15:06:37-05:00December 27, 2023|

Be leery of rising resistance that has consistently pushed back on $TSLA of late. $GLD pushing through multi year resistance dating back to 2020. $FBIN bull flag working in the short-term, but long-term there could be some resistance that pushes back some. Not sure how difficult it will be as [...]

Trading Notebook: $NKE $PFE $WSM

2023-12-22T15:13:40-05:00December 22, 2023|

$NKE broke its rising trend-line but may be attempting to find some support here that goes back to June. $PFE declining channel with a retest on the upper band here. If that breaks it has a longer framed declining trend-line to also contend with. Solid continuation triangle setting up for [...]

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