Trading Notebook: $HOOD $SHW $COIN

2024-02-14T16:33:33-05:00February 14, 2024|

Careful with $HOOD right here as it is testing some signficant resistance from 2022 with the upper channel band. . $SHW attempting to push its way out of an ascending triangle. Significant support at the 50-day moving average. $COIN not a trade I would chase here, but certainly remains a [...]

Trading Notebook: $MA $ALT $JPM

2024-02-13T16:43:36-05:00February 13, 2024|

$MA Continuation triangle in play here, and holding strong despite heavy market selling today. . $ALT Inverse cup and handle forming, and testing confirmation here. $JPM bearish wedge formed and testing rising support here. A break below $172.90 would confirm the bearish wedge here.

Trading Notebook: $VIX $AI $RCL

2024-02-12T16:07:55-05:00February 12, 2024|

Two day pop out of $VIX following a test of rising support, but still range bound and doesn't mean much in terms of future direction. . $AI descending triangle breakout, following a non-stop, 25% move off the lows of the pattern, making it a difficult one to tightly manage the [...]

Trading Notebook: $T $AMGN $GEO $EPD

2024-02-09T15:41:09-05:00February 9, 2024|

False breakout on $T long-term recently, and difficult to get bullish on it while this multi-year downtrend persists. . $AMGN pullback looking to test support at $285, watch for whether it can base and bounce. Possible $GEO finds support at the rising trend-line, which still has room to fall before [...]

Trading Notebook: $TNX $MARA $HAL

2024-02-08T15:13:54-05:00February 8, 2024|

$TNX nearing a breakout again, watch as it approaches the 4.2% area. . $MARA price action will be heavily dependent of Bitcoin price action going forward, but technically, MARA weekly has very little resistance until the low-$30's. $HAL so far holding the rising trend-line, but would prefer it make a [...]

Trading Notebook: $TSLA $PLTR $SNAP

2024-02-07T16:27:58-05:00February 7, 2024|

$TSLA broke declining trend-line, but also holding the rising trend-line off of recent lows. Room to run as high as $206. Break back below declining trend-line would spell trouble. . Upper channel band on $PLTR in play. Why I never swing trade earnings: $SNAP

Trading Notebook: $CEG $ALB $PINS

2024-02-06T16:34:55-05:00February 6, 2024|

$CEG trading in a perfect channel since inception. Tested the upper band yesterday, but couldn't push through. More risk lower than reward higher here. . $ALB declining trend-line off of December highs, followed by a break in short-term support to new lows. If looking to short this, I think time [...]

Trading Notebook: $VNOM $PLTR $TSLA

2024-02-05T15:35:24-05:00February 5, 2024|

Ideal entry on $VNOM would be a bounce off of its lower channel band. . $PLTR heavy fade back to the lower channel band. With earnings today, it becomes a high-risk trade to paly any bounce. Bear flag on $TSLA confirming to the downside, with additional continuation today.

Trading Notebook: $XLE $XLB $ALB

2024-02-04T15:21:04-05:00February 4, 2024|

Energy $XLE has the potential to shine here if it can break out of this declining channel. Some much needed consolidation this week. . $XLB tight and well constructed bear flag in the materials sector and toying with a confirmation over the past couple of weeks. $ALB huge support going [...]

Trading Notebook: $VIX $CDNS

2024-02-02T16:59:31-05:00February 2, 2024|

$VIX still has this massive base from November ongoing. Two attempts to breakout of it has been quickly crushed. But potentially setting up for another attempt here. . Bull flag breakout on $CDNS but the history with the upper channel band is a concern, considering the # of false breakouts [...]

Trading Notebook: $T $AFL $XLF $BEAM

2024-02-01T16:21:36-05:00February 1, 2024|

$T breaking through heavy resistance from the past 9 months. . Worst trading day in almost 4 years, $AFL though could be looking to stabilize at price level support and its long-term trend-line. Just like before, $XLF couldn't sustain a move outside the upper channel band. Rising trend-line off of [...]

Trading Notebook: $JPM $SLB $INGN

2024-01-30T15:26:05-05:00January 30, 2024|

Three recent hits up against resistance on $JPM to be watchful of. If it pulls back, a break below $172 would confirm a bearish wedge. . ON $SLB: 1. Inverse cup and handle nearing confirmation. 2. If support hold it could result in a triple bottom, but support is going [...]

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