Swing Trading Coaching

I’m a swing-trader with 30+ years of experience in the financial markets. You’ve probably found me through my podcast “Swing Trading The Stock Market”, one of my social media accounts, or perhaps through some of the many YouTube videos I’ve done over the years.

Using a Top-Down Trading Strategy, I have lived by the mantra that trading comes down to three important aspects:







These three important aspects have guided me throughout my trading career, and I want to teach you to do the same in your approach to swing-trading.

1-on-1 Swing Trading Coaching With Ryan Mallory

My 1-on-1 coaching is the perfect option for those who prefer an individualistic approach with back-and-forth collaboration, teaching and education on the art of swing-trading. That puts you in the driver’s seat to determine what you need the most in your development as a swing trader.

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Coaching Topics

SharePlanner offers twenty different coaching topics to help boost your knowledge and confidence in swing trading stocks.

1. Swing Trading 101 Basics
2. Learning Technical Analysis
3. Swing Trade Reviews (6-8 per session)
4. Setting Up the Charting Platform
5. The Top-Down Trading Strategy
6. Creating a Watch-List
7. Incorporating Reward-to-Risk Ratio into Trading
8. Implementing Stop-Losses
9. Trading Bear Markets
10. Managing Emotions in Trading

11. Trading Strategy Basics
12. Analysis of Indices (S&P 500, Nasdaq & Russell 2000)
13. Identifying Low Risk/High Reward Setups
14. Spotting Patterns on the Charts
15. The Art of Profit Taking
16. Multi-Time Frame Trading
17. Recognizing Support and Resistance
18. Watch-List Management
19. Creating Quality Trade Setups
20. Custom Coaching Request

Are you interested in more than one area of education? Don’t see what you are looking for? Bundle topics together, or ask me for a customized coaching offering!