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SharePlanner exists to teach traders how to better manage the risk on their swing trades with the hopes of them becoming successful swing traders welded together by persistence and education. Providing easily accessible and free educational resources is part of how I pass along my decades of stock market knowledge to traders.

When people first start trading stocks, they are lured by the fantasy of riches and a lavish lifestyle, but completely ignore the risk and the management that is necessary to containing those risks in swing trading.

While I think anyone can become a successful trader, most traders forfeit this success that can be had by their own greed and unrealistic expectations that ignores containing losses and maximizing profits. See, read, listen to, and view SharePlanner’s valuable resources offered to the aspiring and seasoned trader to help maximize the potential!

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Can The Tech Rally Continue? $QQQ

April 3, 2023|

The tech rally in the Nasdaq 100 has been spectacular, but can it continue the momentum of the past few weeks and keep rally going? In this video, I am providing my Nasdaq 100 analysis using the QQQ ETF chart, as well as going over the big tech stocks and [...]

Are 0DTE Traders Ruining Stocks?

February 27, 2023|

0DTE Traders, which stands for "Zero days to expiration" are wrecking havoc on the stock market ODTE trading is creating constant market reversals and wild swings. Is this a new phenomenon that could lead to a major crash in the stock market?  

Another Stock Market Crash?

February 21, 2023|

After an epic rally in January and much of February, the last three days has seen stocks reverse the gains and trade in negative territory. In this video I'm going to provide my technical analysis on whether this is just a short-term pullback, or the continuation of the stock market [...]

Blogs – Charts & Technical Analysis

Trading Notebook: $SMAR $TGT $AMZN $AMD $ON

June 8, 2023|

$SMAR Watch this support level in the coming days to see if price can hold it and eventually bounce. Definitely one though that I would not buy right away. Consolidation in $TGT before what looks like another leg lower. Trend-line off of the May lows continues to hold strong for [...]

Trading Notebook: $SHOP $MVIS $GME $TSLA $WTAI

June 7, 2023|

$SHOP with a notable bearish engulfing candle pattern following Monday & Tuesday's breakout of the bull flag - could be a signal this trade is reversing hard here. $MVIS - doesn't get much more parabolic than this. A few questions to ask about this stock: 1) How many times in [...]

Podcast Episode #334: Fractional Trading with Stop Losses

June 6, 2023|

How does a swing trader manage the risk and book profits consistently when dealing with fractional shares in the stock market? If you are trading with a small trading account, is it better to focus on lower priced stocks? In this podcast episode of Swing Trading the Stock Market, Ryan [...]

Trading Notebook: $NVDA $BA $COIN $VEEV

June 6, 2023|

Despite being down 4 of the last 5 days, potential continuation triangle at absurd levels. $BA intraday sell-off essentially keeps the stock right in the middle of the sideways channel it has been stuck in since January. $COIN attempting to hold support going back January of this year. A break [...]

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