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SharePlanner exists to teach traders how to better manage the risk on their swing trades with the hopes of them becoming successful swing traders welded together by persistence and education. Providing easily accessible and free educational resources is part of how I pass along my decades of stock market knowledge to traders.

When people first start trading stocks, they are lured by the fantasy of riches and a lavish lifestyle, but completely ignore the risk and the management that is necessary to containing those risks in swing trading.

While I think anyone can become a successful trader, most traders forfeit this success that can be had by their own greed and unrealistic expectations that ignores containing losses and maximizing profits. See, read, listen to, and view SharePlanner’s valuable resources offered to the aspiring and seasoned trader to help maximize the potential!

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Post Analysis Earnings NFLX & TSLA | What To Do Now?

October 19, 2023|

Tesla (TSLA) and Netflix (NFLX) stocks have both reported earnings with drastic gaps in opposite directions. Now that earning is over, what should swing traders do in terms of trading both NFLX and TSLA and what support and resistance levels should we be watching?  

Will Rising Yields Hurt the Stock Market?

October 17, 2023|

Rising yields in the bond market are becoming a major problem@ For the financial and if they continue to rally higher, it will ultimately crash the stock market. In this video, I cover the impact of the rising yields and what it means for stocks and the stock market going [...]

Blogs – Charts & Technical Analysis

Stock Market Oscillator: March 4, 2024

March 4, 2024|

Today's Reading for 3/4/24: 68.92 Current Reading: Tilting Bullish Additional Notes: Despite a divergence on Friday, Monday, saw a much bigger push than usual to the upside on the indicator. I'm still finding it shockingly incredible that despite SPY going for green in 17 of the last 19 weeks, that [...]

Trading Notebook: $XPO $GLD $MFC

March 4, 2024|

$XPO possible that there's another breakout here, but after a trucking company runs 50% higher in the past month, not sure this is where I would want to be chasing a stock at. And already showing signs of struggling to sustain the breakout recently. . Major break in resistance on [...]

Stock Market Oscillator: March 1, 2024

March 3, 2024|

Today's Reading for 3/1/24: 63.11 Current Reading: Tilting Bullish Additional Notes: Slight decrease in the Stock Market Oscillator, when I thought we might be seeing a slight increase, but now seeing it diverge from new all-time highs in the broader market. In a healthy market, this oscillator should be giving [...]

Trading Notebook: $QQQ $IWM $JETS $ABNB

March 1, 2024|

$QQQ 30 min chart will zero chill in it. . Another breakout attempt unfolding on $IWM today. A solid push through resistance so far. If $JETS breaks out of the continuation triangle, then it has to immediately contend with long-term declining resistance. A no-go for me. Heavy resistance getting tested [...]

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