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Trading Notebook: $LABU $IWM $QQQ $DUST $BA

2023-06-10T11:34:23-04:00June 9, 2023|

$LABU breaking the declining trend-line and pushing through the 200-day moving average. Nice breakout this week in $IWM. Despite two days of selling, still the breakout is intact. Oh the humanity!!! $QQQ down .17 cents for the week. First negative week in 7 weeks. $DUST riding trend-line off of the [...]

Trading Notebook: $SMAR $TGT $AMZN $AMD $ON

2023-06-08T18:56:51-04:00June 8, 2023|

$SMAR Watch this support level in the coming days to see if price can hold it and eventually bounce. Definitely one though that I would not buy right away. Consolidation in $TGT before what looks like another leg lower. Trend-line off of the May lows continues to hold strong for [...]

Trading Notebook: $SHOP $MVIS $GME $TSLA $WTAI

2023-06-07T16:56:09-04:00June 7, 2023|

$SHOP with a notable bearish engulfing candle pattern following Monday & Tuesday's breakout of the bull flag - could be a signal this trade is reversing hard here. $MVIS - doesn't get much more parabolic than this. A few questions to ask about this stock: 1) How many times in [...]

Trading Notebook: $NVDA $BA $COIN $VEEV

2023-06-06T16:50:20-04:00June 6, 2023|

Despite being down 4 of the last 5 days, potential continuation triangle at absurd levels. $BA intraday sell-off essentially keeps the stock right in the middle of the sideways channel it has been stuck in since January. $COIN attempting to hold support going back January of this year. A break [...]

Trading Notebook: $TTD $SBUX $AAPL $LULU $XLC

2023-06-06T12:44:24-04:00June 5, 2023|

$TTD attempting to break out of a year-long sideways channel. Watch $SBUX as it tests the underside of its broken trend-line. I expect some push back and if it holds could set up for the next leg lower. $AAPL breakout to new all-time highs. $LULU sharp rejection at resistance and [...]

Trading Notebook: $XLK $MELI $CCJ $ABNB

2023-06-01T16:38:01-04:00June 1, 2023|

This move in $XLK over the past month blew right through its rising channel and never looked back. $MELI short-term rising channel in play - looking for a bounce back towards 1400, if it holds. $CCJ pushing through huge resistance as it breaks out of a long-term triangle. Not a [...]

Trading Notebook: $SOFI $NVDA $UNH $INVH $SPY

2023-06-01T00:26:38-04:00June 1, 2023|

Strong move for $SOFI, but it still has to do battle at the $8 mark, which has rejected price on the previous two rally attempts. $NVDA gap closed, but the effort to bounce it after that failed. Watch for an attempt at filling the second gap. $UNH price action still [...]

Trading Notebook: $ULTA $CHPT $AVGO $NVDA

2023-05-30T16:42:47-04:00May 30, 2023|

Key moment for $ULTA and a potential bounce attempt. Best to wait for the bounce itself to unfold off the rising trend-line, instead of buying and assuming it will bounce. $CHPT testing declining trend-line and attempting to push through here. $AVGO candle looks like a blow-off top has emerged, and [...]

Trading Notebook: $NVDA $BABA $TGT $INTC $BRBR

2023-05-25T21:33:04-04:00May 25, 2023|

Realistically, where is $NVDA going to find new buyers at this level? Descending triangle pattern breaking to the downside on $BABA. Significant breakdown taking place on $TGT as it pushes below the lower channel band. $INTC breaking down through the triangle, and looking at a possible retest of support Bull [...]

Trading Notebook: $GM $BBWI $SHOP $TGLS $AAPL

2023-05-24T17:21:29-04:00May 24, 2023|

Wedge breakout yesterday in $GM failed to hold today. A lot of these happening in stocks right now. Especially in the non FAANG plays $BBWI with not the most convincing breakout so far, but it is still managing to hold the support level. $SHOP bull flag pattern worth watching still [...]

Trading Notebook: $WYNN $MRNA $PLUG $PINS $CMCSA

2023-05-23T16:43:13-04:00May 23, 2023|

$WYNN rolling over and breaking a key support level here. Watch declining resistance for potential push back on $MRNA $PLUG running hard into an area of resistance that make complicate the bounce off its lows. $PINS running into the underside of broken trend-line support. A break back above would put [...]

Trading Notebook: $CBRE $GME $CCL $CPB $XFOR

2023-05-22T17:20:50-04:00May 22, 2023|

$CBRE cup and handle starting to break out above resistance - a little consolidation here would go a long ways before the next move higher. $GME 200-day moving average has been a headache the previous two attempts to break above, marking temporary highs. Will need to break and close above [...]

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