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Can The Tech Rally Continue? $QQQ

2023-04-03T23:27:00-04:00April 3, 2023|

The tech rally in the Nasdaq 100 has been spectacular, but can it continue the momentum of the past few weeks and keep rally going? In this video, I am providing my Nasdaq 100 analysis using the QQQ ETF chart, as well as going over the big tech stocks and [...]

Are 0DTE Traders Ruining Stocks?

2023-02-27T21:17:00-05:00February 27, 2023|

0DTE Traders, which stands for "Zero days to expiration" are wrecking havoc on the stock market ODTE trading is creating constant market reversals and wild swings. Is this a new phenomenon that could lead to a major crash in the stock market?  

Another Stock Market Crash?

2023-02-21T22:05:00-05:00February 21, 2023|

After an epic rally in January and much of February, the last three days has seen stocks reverse the gains and trade in negative territory. In this video I'm going to provide my technical analysis on whether this is just a short-term pullback, or the continuation of the stock market [...]

Stock Market CPI Madness

2023-02-14T08:11:00-05:00February 14, 2023|

The CPI Report comes out and with it a huge shock to the stock market is expected. A reading of 6.2% is expected for the Consumer Price Index. In this video, I provide my analysis of how it impacts $SPY $QQQ as well as taking a look at the 10 [...]

And The Stock Market Rips!

2023-02-01T19:52:00-05:00February 1, 2023|

The stock market ripped higher following the FOMC Statement issued by Jerome Powell. The stock market soared, and from a technical analysis standpoint, the outlook looks good for stocks going forward. In this video, I provide my analysis on the SPY, QQQ and IWM ETF, as well as my outlook [...]

Stock Market Fake-Out

2023-01-30T22:11:00-05:00January 30, 2023|

The stock market faces a major week of volatility and price swings with the FOMC Statement.  This in addition to earnings coming from Meta, Apple, Google and Amazon that will be sure to rock the stock market for better or worse. I'll be going over the selling seen on Monday [...]

Gamechanger for Stocks

2023-01-23T22:13:00-05:00January 23, 2023|

S&P 500 (SPY) and Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) both made major moves via technical analysis when broke through their declining trend lines on their respective charts. These trend-lines go back over a year, and this is the first time that these ETFs have managed to break through!

Smacked at Resistance

2023-01-18T23:39:00-05:00January 18, 2023|

SPY ETF was saw price get rejected at its key declining trend line. The S&P 500 could not continue the rally with year long resistance overhead. In this video I provide my latest technical analysis on the SPY ETF and S&P 500.

What Sectors are Hot?

2023-01-16T23:55:00-05:00January 16, 2023|

Which sector provides the best opportunity for traders in 2023? In this video, I provide my technical analysis and opinion on each sector in the stock market and which ones are likely to do the best, while which ones are most likely to lag the over all market.

Key Moment for $SPY

2023-01-12T22:58:00-05:00January 12, 2023|

SPY has rallied over 5% in the past week! A lot of traders are hoping this is finally the moment it can break through declining resistance and just start a bull market for the stock market. I'm providing my technical analysis on SPY and what you can expect as it [...]

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