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Post Analysis Earnings NFLX & TSLA | What To Do Now?

2023-10-19T19:47:09-04:00October 19, 2023|

Tesla (TSLA) and Netflix (NFLX) stocks have both reported earnings with drastic gaps in opposite directions. Now that earning is over, what should swing traders do in terms of trading both NFLX and TSLA and what support and resistance levels should we be watching?  

Will Rising Yields Hurt the Stock Market?

2023-10-17T22:57:33-04:00October 17, 2023|

Rising yields in the bond market are becoming a major problem@ For the financial and if they continue to rally higher, it will ultimately crash the stock market. In this video, I cover the impact of the rising yields and what it means for stocks and the stock market going [...]

When’s the Stock Market Going to Rally?

2023-10-03T22:25:43-04:00October 3, 2023|

Stock have been in a steep sell-off of late and poised for a bounce here in the near term. Can we expect a dead cat bounce here? Or will the stock market crash continue for the foreseeable future. In this video, I provide my technical analysis for SPY, QQQ, IWM [...]

ARM Stock IPO: Should You Buy It?

2023-09-14T18:38:12-04:00September 14, 2023|

ARM Stock IPO came out and traders are trying to determine whether or not to buy the ARM IPO. In this video, I provide my technical analysis on ARM and look at the history of hyped up IPOs and how that may impact ARM IPO as well.

Apple Stock Analysis: Where to Buy | NASDAQ: AAPL

2023-09-13T09:24:46-04:00September 13, 2023|

Apple saw the stock price sell-off following its big product launch, but where does one buy AAPL stock at? What are the key levels to buy AAPL at? In this video, I will provide you with my Apple stock analysis, as well as where you should buy AAPL at.

Cannabis Stocks Rally! What You Should Do?

2023-09-06T09:20:57-04:00September 6, 2023|

Cannabis stocks and ETFs are having some of their best gains in years, and traders are piling into them on huge volume. I provide analysis using my swing trading and technical analysis strategies. These stocks include Tilray (TLRY), Canopy Growth (CGC), Cannabis ETF (MSOS), Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ).

Stock Market Turmoil: Dead-Cat Bounce on the Horizon?

2023-08-18T00:05:12-04:00August 18, 2023|

With a recent barrage of selling and an extremely oversold stock market, many are left wondering: are we on the brink of a dead-cat bounce? Dive into this comprehensive analysis as I dissect the behaviors of QQQ, IWM, SPY, and the VIX using technical analysis to find clues about the [...]

Disney (DIS) Stock Analysis: Buy or Sell After Earnings?

2023-08-11T15:47:10-04:00August 11, 2023|

Disney just dropped their earnings, and the stock took off on Thursday! But what does it mean for traders and investors? In this video I unravel the Disney's financial performance and couple it with an in-depth technical analysis of its chart. Whether you're eyeing that 'BUY' button or considering a [...]

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