Profitable strategies for trading the stock market that includes 2x and 3x ETFs and and long and short stock trading and the trading stratgies that I use including intraday trading and swing trading.

Why You Should Stop Using Price Alerts

2018-09-21T15:28:38-04:00September 21, 2018|

There is this undying belief that you should use price alerts to be notified when you should place an order to buy or short a stock.  I’m here to tell you that price alerts will create turmoil for your portfolio! I have been trading for more than two decades, and [...]

5 Tips for Trading High Volatility Stock Market

2018-05-11T15:03:07-04:00May 11, 2018|

I know there are a lot of frustrated traders out there. I know that the market hasn’t been easy for most traders.  I get that. The headline risk is insane, we are in the winding up earnings season, tariffs are in play, the market has the feel of being on [...]

5 Steps to Making Back Your Losses

2018-03-02T01:35:57-05:00March 2, 2018|

How to avoid a large drawdown in your trading account This is the kind of post that no one ever wants to utilize or need, because it will mean that they are either in a trading slump where most of their trades are going against them, or worse, they are [...]

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