Hey there! I’m Ryan Mallory. I’ve been an active swing trader for over 30 years. I left corporate America behind to become a full-time trader, but now I have thousands of members following my trades. I’m laid back, love trading, and live with my wife Jenifer and our three children on Florida’s Space Coast.

I host one of the most-listened-to investment podcasts worldwide with over 2 million downloads: Swing Trading the Stock Market.

Here’s My Story

I wasn’t born into a hedge fund or as the son of a banker. I had to start from ground zero. I worked at a large defense contractor during the early 2000’s, but wasn’t fulfilled there. The passion for swing trading that was instilled in me by my Dad when I was 11 years old led me to a career in full time trading. It didn’t happen overnight, and there were times where I doubted myself (actually a lot of times), but in the end I gave the boss my two-week notice.

In 2007, I started as a blogger, writing about trading, strategy, and markets. I documented my trades and provided my readers trading insights and stock market education. I developed an enormous obsession for helping traders find success in the market and learning how to navigate the most difficult of market conditions.

I have provided every trade alert that I have posted in The Trading Block. My goal has always been and remains to be profitable each and every year. I do this by managing the risk, first and foremost, and I don’t allow myself of hold on to losing trades. I lose fast and win slow!

I built my trading career around three simple principles:







About SharePlanner


I created SharePlanner in 2007 to show how new and seasoned traders alike, can be successful in making money trading stocks with the right approach and determination. I teach them how to swing trade the stock market and build a trading strategy.

SharePlanner has become one of the internet’s longest running financial blogs, as I’ve posted thousands of real-time trades, wrote over 10,000 articles, and survived and profited from multiple market crashes and am known within the trading community as being a person of consistency, transparency, and reliability.

The biggest mistake people make in the stock market is not focusing on the risk in their trading strategy. New traders are often too focused on “getting rich quick”— and it shows. Instead, I encourage my members to adopt a mindset of planning their swing trades with risk in mind and letting the profits take care of themselves. I want them to be profitable in a bull or bear market.

It’s not about winning at all costs or winning all the time, but being able to manage risk. SharePlanner is a safe environment for people to learn how to trade, and allow them to ask the questions that no one else is willing to answer.

I firmly believe that anyone can become a successful trader; and I do mean anybody. SharePlanner’s goal is to equip traders with the tools and strategies necessary to consistently profit from the stock market… and to do it with purpose and integrity.

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