Trading Notebook: $MSOS $ARM $MSFT

2023-09-19T15:40:55-04:00September 19, 2023|

Cannabis and $MSOS specifically rolling over. I expect a retest of the $6's. $ARM continues to trend lower following its IPO which is what is to be expected with pretty much any IPO. Best to wait at least 6 months before buying for the long-term. $MSFT pulling back to test [...]

Today’s Trading Plan: Within Arm’s Reach of 2200

2016-08-16T08:09:27-04:00August 16, 2016|

Technical Outlook: Strong start yesterday on S&P 500 (SPX) but simply could not hold on as the afternoon unfolded as it gave up some of its gains heading into the close.  No ramp into the close yesterday which has become a staple for bullish traders.  The market is alternating again in an up/down/up/down [...]

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