Trading Notebook: $NVDA $SOFI $CAG

2023-11-21T16:24:41-05:00November 21, 2023|

Two key support levels to watch on $NVDA if there's an earnings pullback. Lower channel band on $SOFI getting tested again, without a test of the upper channel band. Watch out below if this level fails to hold. Considering the amount it has sold off during its downtrend, $CAG hasn't [...]

Trading Notebook: $SOFI $PLTR $AIG

2023-11-10T15:27:39-05:00November 10, 2023|

$SOFI attempting to bounce off of declining support but still faces overhead resistance. $PLTR breaking out of a declining resistance $AIG may be forming a wedge pattern to play the breakout on, but resistance overhead remains a problem.

Trading Notebook: $SOFI $VIX $RIVN $XLF

2023-10-30T15:15:04-04:00October 30, 2023|

Despite a double beat, $SOFI was unable to push through declining resistance. $VIX giving up a lot of its gains from the past three days. A break back below support could signal a dead-cat bounce for equities underway. Two developments in $RIVN today: 1) Broke its rising trend-line off of [...]

Trading Notebook: $SOFI $VIX $META $COIN $URA

2023-10-25T16:14:27-04:00October 25, 2023|

$SOFI Possible bullish wedge trying to form, but with price testing support, could be setting up for the next leg lower, which has very little support until sub-$5 Big move here out of $VIX today. May be setting up for another move up to 30. Holding support and bouncing this [...]

Trading Notebook: $TNX $SOFI $XLV $LRCX

2023-10-19T15:35:05-04:00October 19, 2023|

$TNX pushing through resistance here. Significant resistance breach, and about to hit 5%. $SOFI Price breaking back below major support levels. A significant market sell-off could take SOFI back below $5. Triangle pattern in $XLV nearing a break to the downside. Bounce play if it can hold, but with limited [...]

Trading Notebook: $TGT $SOFI $RCMT

2023-09-22T15:13:52-04:00September 22, 2023|

$TGT continues with another leg lower with very little support underneath. Possible that this stock continues to drop until it tests $95. $SOFI confirming that head and shoulders, with little support underneath. Next level is $6.50 followed by $5.25. $RCMT testing key resistance. A push above would create a breakout [...]

Trading Notebook: $SLB $ROST $SOFI

2023-09-13T15:10:43-04:00September 13, 2023|

Watch $SLB as it pulls back. If energy continues the weakness today and in the days ahead, a bounce opportunity off of support could emerge. As $ROST pulls back watch for whether it can hold this rising trend-line and ultimately bounce higher. $SOFI working on a cup and handle pattern [...]

Trading Notebook: $AMD $NFLX $SOFI

2023-08-11T17:09:53-04:00August 11, 2023|

I'm watching to see if $AMD pulls back to the rising trend-line from the Nanuary lows. If that Holds it could create a nice bounce opportunity. $NFLX attempting to finish off this head and shoulders topping pattern. Watch for $SOFI to retest year long support. If it can hold this [...]

Trading Notebook: $BTC.X $SOFI $PAYC $AMD $CCL

2023-06-21T16:48:35-04:00June 21, 2023|

$BTC.X nearing a breakout through year-long resistance. $SOFI coming up on a key support level at the 38.2% retracement level that it will need to bounce from, otherwise, likely looking at a 50% retracement in the $7.30's. $PAYC rejected at the declining trend-line, now retesting support at the breakout. Watch [...]

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