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Trading Notebook: $AKAM $UNG $SPY $UNH

2023-08-09T17:55:33-04:00August 9, 2023|

$AKAM gapped above the inverse head and shoulders neckline, but I think it's better to wait for a pullback to the neckline before considering a new long position at this point. $UNG held the breakout level into the close. Worth watching going forward. Serious puking underway on $SPY ahead of [...]

Trading Notebook: $DOW $VIX $HIMS

2023-08-08T19:50:02-04:00August 8, 2023|

$DOW continuing to hold support going back to April. Could see a bounce here. 4th day in a row where there's been a big fight to keep $VIX under that 17.10 area. Today's candle not looking that great either, despite the 8% in gains so far. Needs a strong finish [...]

Trading Notebook: $PLTR $VIX $MRNA $META

2023-08-07T17:31:54-04:00August 7, 2023|

$PLTR Rising trend-line off of May lows tested and held so far today. Attempting to bounce from here. $VIX pulling back some today, but still hovering just below a significant base breakout level here. $MRNA was a one trick pony, and not one worth ever buying the dip on. Now [...]

Trading Notebook: $AAPL $MOS $AMZN $VIX

2023-08-04T17:00:43-04:00August 4, 2023|

$AAPL in one week has wiped out over 6 weeks in gains, and could be headed for a much bigger pullback to long-term support. Heavy resistance seeing a break today. Strong volume of late as well for $MOS $AMZN coming up on major long-term resistance. $VIX continuing the pattern of [...]

Trading Notebook: $SHOP $GS $ABBV $PYPL

2023-08-03T17:48:17-04:00August 3, 2023|

Another day of selling in $SHOP could create a really good bounce opportunity off of the rising trend-line. Bull flag in $GS looks sharp, but a very problematic declining trend-line just above the breakout level. Bull flag developing in $ABBV - resistance overhead currently sitting at $161. Nice trade setup [...]

Trading Notebook: $EA $MSFT $VIX

2023-08-02T17:00:13-04:00August 2, 2023|

$EA breaking below key support and, so far, failing to bounce. Worth staying away from, for now while it searches out a new bottom. $MSFT possibly putting in a significant topping pattern and breaking below key support here. $VIX break in the declining trend-line, and a break over 17 would [...]

$AMD and $SBUX Post Earnings Reactions!

2023-08-01T23:20:55-04:00August 1, 2023|

AMD earnings report is out! Here's a technical analysis breakdown for what to expect from the stock going forward. I've also provided a breakdown on the SBUX earnings as well...

Trading Notebook: $ORCL $NCLH $TLT $AMD $CVX

2023-08-01T17:23:21-04:00August 1, 2023|

Watch the $ORCL bullish wedge for a potential upside breakout. $NCLH potential bounce area for the stock following a sharp earnings sell-off today. Anybody want to address the elephant in the room? $TLT $AMD nearing a breakout of the bull flag pattern that has been forming since June. Pushing through [...]

Trading Notebook: $USO $TUP $MSFT $CRWD

2023-07-31T16:41:28-04:00July 31, 2023|

$USO spiking and pushing through major resistance today. $TUP traders chasing the pipe dream into heavy resistance. May be the top on this one. Highlighted the dangers of these in my podcast this weekend. Keep a close eye on this support level for $MSFT. If it breaks that could result [...]

Trading Notebook: $VZ $CMG $ADT $JCI $TWLO

2023-07-30T23:00:45-04:00July 30, 2023|

$VZ price level resistance pushing back on the bounce that started two weeks ago. Even if it pushes through that, there is strong declining resistance that has to be dealt with. $CMG dropped hard after earnings and starting to fill the gap. Potential support levels below to watch for price [...]

Trading Notebook: $SPOT $HOOD $OKTA $WYNN

2023-07-28T18:32:37-04:00July 28, 2023|

$SPOT pullback could see a bounce off of this major price level. $HOOD false breakout yesterday of the bull flag, giving it another shot today. $OKTA neckline of the inverse head and shoulders pattern. Just starting to breakout, but also needs to clear the 50-day moving average as it has [...]

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