What a Year for Swing-Trading in the Splash Zone!

swing trading in review

There was so much euphoria surrounding this market. Traders saw stocks rise to records on almost a daily basis. Heck, money was literally being created out of thin air. Don’t believe me, just take a look at the crypto market whose top 10 biggest coin’s cumulative value is worth over $500 billion!

Plenty of takeaways during the month of November for my swing-trading.

my success swing trading in november

For one, it was another successful month, but there were a few stretches in there, that I’d like to soon forget. Most notably was the way in which it ended.

Lessons Learned, Success Earned in my Swing-Trading

october swing trading success in review

These reviews always bring mixed feelings for me. Done right, it requires that I look at each trade that I make in an open and honest way. I get to see what I did well, and what I also struggled at.

September turned out to be a phenomenal month of swing trading for me and the members of the SharePlanner Splash Zone.

September was the best yet in 2017 - and that is saying something considering that every month so far has been profitable for me in the stock market, and the most profitable of the last two years.  

swing trading strategies and analysis 2

What a Great Month for Swing-Trading!

swing trading profits and analysis 1

  • A 60% Win Rate
  • Profits both long and short
  • A market that went nowhere, but SharePlanner has awesome profits.

Consistent profits were the name of the game. The market had a few monster sell-offs, but ultimately bounced higher as a result of those sell-offs.

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