T2108 Flashes Huge Buy Signal

2018-12-20T15:40:00-05:00December 20, 2018|

It takes a lot to get the market this oversold, and usually it comes on the heels of the bulls becoming completely exasperated.  And that is what happened today when the bears drove this market another 65 points down on the S&P 500 following yesterday’s Fed sell-off, which happened to [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #320

2018-11-05T08:50:00-05:00November 5, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach I am coming back from a two day-hiatus from trading - one of my firsts in a very long time. I'm coming in 100% cash, and will look to deploy some of it, should the market provide some direction. I am careful here about getting overly [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #319

2018-10-31T09:10:00-04:00October 31, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach I added three new trades to the portfolio yesterday, while being stopped out by another. Right now they are all positioned well, to add to their gains from yesterday's rally. However, caution is warranted as this market has proved plenty of times this past month that [...]

Swing-Trading Strategy Report #318

2018-10-30T09:10:00-04:00October 30, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach The bulls were unable to hold any of the early morning profits yesterday, which ultimately was nothing more than a sell-fest immediately following the market open. The potential for a bounce here in the market here looms very large, and likely to see it this week [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #317

2018-10-29T09:00:00-04:00October 29, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach I spent last week positioning myself, with a set of new long positions to be ready for an eventual bounce that looks to be unfolding today. I may add one additional long position if the rally continues to hold up, but early on, I will be [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #316

2018-10-26T07:20:00-04:00October 26, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach  This is a tough market, too oversold to short, but not enouch conviction for a sustained bounce. In fact, there hasn’t been a single day of back-to-back gains since September 20th. That’s incredible really. Despite the huge, negative earnings reaction out of AMZN yesterday, and the [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #315

2018-10-25T07:20:00-04:00October 25, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach I have identified some key trade setups that I want to take a stab at right out of the gate this morning. Should this bounce hold today, and in the days ahead, the potential for a 100 to 150 point move for SPX looms very, very [...]

Bullish Trade Setups For A Potential Market Bounce

2018-10-08T14:20:50-04:00October 8, 2018|

It is a little thinner than usual, but the bullish watch-list still has some potential plays worth keeping an eye on.  Though we have seen much more selling than usual in the stock market of late, one thing is certain, the bulls keep bouncing price in the afternoon. The bulls [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #237

2018-07-06T08:23:00-04:00July 6, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach This has been a cautious week for me, especially due to the lack of continuity among the sectors on a day-to-day basis and the holiday right in the middle of the trading week. Once we get past the employment report this morning, and direction becomes better [...]

Financials In Dire Straits – Buyer Be Aware!

2018-07-05T15:44:00-04:00July 5, 2018|

The one sector that I have had little to no interest in buying over the large part of this year has been financials. Sure, from time to time I have dabbled in them – some successful, some not so. However, they have been one of the least traded sectors for [...]

Swing Trading Strategy Report #236

2018-07-05T09:00:00-04:00July 5, 2018|

My Swing Trading Approach I am taking a wait and see approach following Tuesday’s head fake. The market needs to build some credibility with me today that it can sustain its gains, before I go adding something new again. Tuesday’s price action didn’t make for ideal trading conditions, and instead [...]

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