Understanding How The Crowd Trades

2013-07-23T15:16:22-04:00July 23, 2013|

Since the crowd loses, and most who trade tend to be a part of that crowd, I thought I would post this comic that I found that helps to explain just what the crowd mentality looks like in the finanacial market...

A Dope You Can Believe In

2013-07-09T15:30:02-04:00July 9, 2013|

We were sold on Hope, Shovel Ready Jobs, and some kind of change that we apparently could believe in.  Instead… We are left with a dope, “Shovel ready jobs that aren’t so shovel ready, and the kind of change that leaves more americans searching for the nearest soup kitchen rather [...]

The Wolf of Wall Street Coming Out November 15th

2013-06-18T11:22:27-04:00June 18, 2013|

I’m pretty excited about seeing the new movie coming out called, “The Wolf of Wall Street” I’m not familiar with the story, but the trailer looks riveting, and the cast is stellar with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, and Jonah Hill.  You might be scratching your head at the inclusion of [...]

Some NSA Humor After Guy Forgets Gmail Password

2013-06-11T15:42:47-04:00June 11, 2013|

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you are on, this video is dadgum hilarious…not to mention genious…. Calling the NSA… that takes guts. You can tell the lady answering the phone doesn’t find it too funny.  Here’s the video. […]

Who Do You Think is a Man of the People?

2013-05-29T11:47:49-04:00May 29, 2013|

I couldn’t resist the comparison between Pope Francis and President Obama. The first shows Obama at a recent press conference with reporters, and when there was a slight drizzle, he ushered in, of all people, a Marine to hold an umbrella over his head, while everyone else simply sat out [...]

Those Without Regard for Right and Wrong

2013-05-22T12:30:13-04:00May 22, 2013|

The things we see in the news these days...and today is no exception. Here is a few clips of some of the news makers that are really getting under my skin...  Pervert Anthony Weiner: The scandalous Louis Lerner keeping her trap shut And the freakshow Jodi Arias talking about her [...]

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