The Bulls Are Finding Solace in China’s Market Manipulating Tactics

I can’t say that I am, though I have been rather quiet on the trading front today, I did manage to take a flier on a few trades like I am certainly benefiting from today’s action with Sqaure (SQ) rally +6%, and Smartsheet (SMAR) rallying +4%, to name a couple. 

Think about what China is doing – banning short sellers, limiting how much stock investors can sell, injecting liquidity into the market – yeah, none of that is a cure for their problems they’re facing. It is just masking the underlying problems affecting the market. 

I’ll stay put from here, and may even book profits in trades where it makes sense. 

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Below is my list of trade setups that I am following right now. and there are plenty worth considering, if this market continues to rally higher (big question mark though). You also have some trades in the semiconductors worth watching. Two in particular that I really like are Nvidia (NVDA) and Applied Materials (AMAT). 

So check out the list below and figure out which ones work for you. 

Here’s the bullish watch-list for this week:

long watch list 2 3