Happy Friday to you all – I’ve decided to hold my position in UUP over the weekend, but I am going to tighten my stop-loss considerably. If UUP doesn’t trend higher on Monday, I can assure you that I’m likely cashing in my chips.

Enough of that! The main purpose of this posting is to let you know that I am COMPLETELY revamping the SharePlanner Stock Screener. Right now I have eight of them up there, and when all is said and done, none of the ones you see now will be there any longer (which is why I haven’t updated them in a couple of weeks). I’ve got some awesome screening ideas that I am adding and will be like no other  you can find on the web.

I will also be displaying them in similar format to the Watch-List menu item. Instead of changing the same post over and over, I will be consistently making new posts with each update, from the standard ones I plan on doing on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, to monthly updates, and even seasonal updates (i.e. What are the Best Christmas Stocks Historically?).

There will also be industry screens, ETF screens, Screen Gumbo, Screen Cocktail, Screens Soup, and Fried Screens – all sorts of screens (Just think of Bubba from Forest Gump!).

So I am pretty pumped, and so should you, because this is going to give you a plethora of ideas like none you’ve ever had before and every week your going to be begging me to publish more and more of them!

I plan on rolling the first few out later this month, and to be at full speed no later than the end of the year (can you believe 2009 is coming to a close?). And….you will always have access to the history of each stock screen, just like you do with the Daily Watch-Lists.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone and Go ‘Canes!!!