Below is a list of 9 potential takeover targets based on value and the ability to acquire the company. I do try to limit the size of the company so that there isn’t anything like a Wal-Mart or Microsoft included. But all of the companies are ‘acquirable’ and have solid financials that would make them a luring target for a bigger fish. Not everyone of these will be taken over or any of them at all (in case you were looking for some kind of guarantee), but the point is to get you started on finding some gem of an idea that could lead to a takeover. Who knows? Maybe your best trade of the year lies somewhere in the list below!

One company that seems like a good ideal, is Winn-Dixie (WINN) – they have the infrastructure and locations that a company like Publix (privately-held southeastern grocery chain) could benefit from to expand their sphere of influence. Wal-Mart (WMT) would be another interesting name who could buy them on the cheap (a premium over the current market cap of $320m would be pennies for the retail giant to fork out) and put a bunch of those Neighborhood Market stores in its place. Or maybe a company like Whole Foods (WFMI) could acquire the company and used the Winn-Dixie brand name to push a more natural/organic concept to the chain store. Just a thought. 

Stocks highlighted in yellow, are carry-overs from the previous time I ran this stock screen.

Here are 9 Potential Takeover Stocks.