Stocks Today are at all time highs. Should you buy stocks at all time highs, or should you wait for a stock market correction to make stocks more affordable?

Should you be long or will the stock market crash yet again? In this video, provide the technical analysis and chart analysis for swing trading in the stock market as well as provide a trading strategy going forward to help with a market that won’t provide traders with much opportunity to get in. Here is what I cover in this video:

  • 0:00 Stocks Market Today
  • 0:29 SP500 Technical Analysis (SPY)
  • 4:19 Nasdaq 100 (QQQ)
  • 7:12 T2108
  • 4:43 SPDRs Select Energy Sector (Oil) (XLE)
  • 9:17 Micron (MU)

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