$AMRN 2 Hour Chart – Nice pre-market action, I would wait for it to pullback and hold 6.97 before getting serious long.

AMRN 2 Hour

$AMZN 15 min chart – Don’t touch it until it croses 255.

AMZN 15 min

$ANAD 2 hour chart – Filling gap in pre-market, and jumping two Fibonacci levels. I would have to wait and see if it holds whichever Fibonacci level it opens above before I can look at it.

ANAD 2 Hour

$AUXL 5 min chart – If it can stay above 14.37, there is a trade with 1st target being 14.69, then 14.96, 15.19, 15.56.

AUXL 5 min

$CENX 2 hour chart – I am curious to see if it can break above 7.95

CENX 2 Hour

$ESRX 4 hour chart – If the market really picks up, then $ESRX will be heading to 59.83.

ESRX 4 Hour

$RJET4 Day chart – Slow mover, but eventually with some patience it will head to 12.90.

RJET 4 day

$SINA 5 min chart – Gaping above 55.60, any move under that level, and it will be a nice short.

SINA 5 min

$TTHI 2 day chart – 2.81 is the current Fibonacci support level for this nice gaper today. If it holds, then we most likely will see 3.32, 3.84, and who knows 4.56.

TTHI 2 day