$ASML 2 Hour Chart – Doing the same thing it did yesterday. A nice gap, that most liekly will fade. Watch for 71.63 to hold. If it doesn’t, you just short it, and maybe this time, it will go all the way down to 68.10.

ASML 2 Hour

$GOLD 10 min Chart – Gaping two Fibonacci Levels, and most likely it will not hold above the 38.2% without re-testing the 23.6%, so watch for a quick short for about .90 cents if it fails to hold 68.88.

GOLD 10 min

$MU 10 min – I like this setup. This one will most likely open just above the 23.6% 9.45. As long as it holds above, $MU can run to a decent 9.72+ target.

MU 10 min

$SNDK 15 Min Chart – I don’t think it’s got that much thrust on this gap up. If it gets to touch 57.12 (78.6% Fibonacci level, I will be impressed. Pre- market shows 56.75, so 56.50 (61.8% Fibonacci Level) could be whjere it will most likely turn around.

SNDK 15 min

$SVA Hourly Chart – Nice little setup, as long s it holds above 4.13, I think it goes higher. If it can reach above 4.30, it will take off to 4.50 where it might have some trouble getting over.

SVA Hourly

$TZOO Daily Chart – Another exagerated gap, that put $TZOO right at the 61.8% Fibonacci level where it will most likely turn around and resume it’s descent. 23.60 is the number it needs to hold above.

TZOO Daily

$VOD 30 min chart – 29.14 is the 61.8% Fibonacci level. These 61.*% Fibonacci level is where most stocks turn around, and the same thing is what I expect from $VOD.

VOD 30 min

$ZNGA Hourly Chart – I decided to take a closer look in $ZNGA today. Change my Fibonacci line to something more tradeble on a daily basis. So here is my take, if it can go over 3.28, then I think it is a nice long with a 1st target of 3.42. If it closes above 3.38 (50ma on Daily Chart), then there is something left on this company.

ZNGA Hourly