Unbelievable – TD Ameritrade’s online website is down and no one can log on. I have a small account with them still in which I hold some long-term positions. Nonetheless, this makes me nervous about what might end up happening to ThinkorSwim down the road. This is why I left TD Ameritrade originally – they were just too unreliable, and today’s events further gives me reason to believe that they still don’t have their act together as an online broker.

However, I did find a way to get into TD Ameritrade via a back-door. So if you have an account with them, consider yourself fortunate for having read this post.

Here’ is how to log in to TD Ameritrade…

Instead of trying to log in like you normally would, go to the “Trading Tools” tab on top, click on “Browse All Tools”, then scroll down to the “Strategy Desk” and then click on the hyperlink. Then go to the right corner where it says “Client Log In” and then proceed to log on like you normally would – that should do the trick.

What is even more unbelievable is that there is no notice on their homepage acknowledging that there is a problem of any kind. Just ridiculous.

[Update: TD Ameritrade’s website is back up and running – for now at least. If you missed out on a trade, or was not able to get out of a trade that you wanted to get out of, I would definitely call up Customer Relations and see what they will give you in return – a few free trades are always nice!]