Here is our second installment of our short trade in DIA from 6/15/09. It was a profitable trade in that we managed to earn $130 for every $100 that was risked. And by dollars risked, I mean the amount of money that would have been lost if you were stopped out at our initial stop-loss – we’re not talking about the size of the position but the amount being risked. So if you risked $1,000 you could have easily have made $1,300 or more. While we got out at 86.17/share, you could have done even better, as the low of that trading session was 86.02 (even though it is next to impossible to get out at the low of the day – the potential to get close is still there).

So here is our second podcast of our day-trade in DIA some of the candle shadows are not as visible as we’d like and we are working on fixing that problem. As  we compile more and more of these videos we will create a library for you to be able to watch each and every one of them.

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