With a week jobs report this morning, futures are taking a nose dive heading into the open (albeit there has been some recover off of its lows). Its been awhile since we last gave out some potential shorting opportunities – today we have four. If you want to trade with us, then you better join the fun as our subscribers get everything from the entry, target price, and stop-loss.

ALTH is turning into a very nice chart set-up with a classic head & shoulders formation. A break of the neckline would likely see another leg down.


Here’s some more Short Setups…

BBND saw rapid price appreciation but was stopped dead in its tracks two days in a row and could be facing the reality of a slew of longs taking profits in this weak market environment.


FDP isn’t the best setup but is one worth  noting, where it failed to break the highs from late September and has since broken its steep longterm trend line.


Very nice chart on VDSI with a gap to fill. A break of support will likely send this stock down into the 7’s to fill the gap