Alright folks here is part two – with part three coming shortly thereafter.

I’ll say it again…there are lots of different rationales for why I have each of these stocks on the list, and even though I don’t explain my rationale for each one (I’d be forever typing out this post if I did), I can break them down into three categories; 1) Price and volume pattern is intriguing 2) Stock has been heavily sold-off in the recent days or weeks, but still remains on the list for a possible short off of a weak rally, and 3) Stock is one of intrigue to me, such as Goldman Sachs (GS), so I keep it around in the case that there is a setup that is too good to pass up. Most of them fall under condition one, though.

Shoot me a question if you have any in the comments section.

Here is Part Two of My Short Setups with Stop-Losses.