I really wish I could make my titles a little bit longer without messing up the title parameters on the web page, like something awful. If I had a say in it, my title would probably be “Great Short Trade for Subscribers in AAPL while Market Lagged, Right Before Program Buying at the End of Session”. Well, at least I was able to make the URL contain the desired title of this article. Also, there is some exciting news coming up with Shareplanner, that we are excited about rolling out for all of you loyal followers – in our attempt to keep up with the techno-Joneses, we are going to begin doing video broadcasts. We’ll be mainly using it to go over trade setups that we had over the course of the day, and also go over market commentary too. This will help everyone to understand our trading strategies much better and with enhanced digital graphics.

Now on to Our Trades and Market Analysis…

The markets opened very weak today and looked as if we were going to have a 2-3% day in the red but the faithful program buying stepped in at the last hour of the trading session and propelled the markets to break even by the close. Check out this S&P chart and look at how there is a clear sign of indecisiveness as both the bulls and bears equally failed to hold their gains/losses in both directions and ended the day nearly unchanged. While this may only be a breather that the bulls are taking, it could also be that if the spinning-top candle  (looks like the very thing it is called) that was formed today sees a break of its lows, we could see extended selling. Tomorrow will give us a much better understanding.


And hopefully a lot of you in the trading world was able to take advantage of the trade in Apple I posted around mid-day (11:30am to be exact). It broke the $141.35 price level we were targeting and went all the way down to 139.43. We tightened our stop all the way down and managed to cover our position at 139.76 – and excellent trade and a return of 2.4R to the amount of risk taken on the trade. The chart is below.


Always remember – Stop-Losses are the KEY to profitable trading!