We remain stuck in the market that has no desire to breakout or breakdown. Just when you thought the trading range in the S&P couldn’t get tighter, it gets tighter. As a result, making profits in this type of market can be hard to come by. However, the Daily Trade Setup performance from 10/21 through 10/27 was solid. There was plenty of profit to be had on both sides of the trade. Though you will never get the optimal amount of profits on the trade, there was, nonetheless, plenty of opportunity to profit in between both long and short setups. QCOR led the way with 22% in profits currently, and trades in AXL, MYR and GIII gave plenty of opportunity to profit 5% or more.

For the purposes of this exercise, I took the price at the market open the day I issued the stock pick (which typically is the worst time to be starting a new position in my opinion), and took the share price of the stock, had I held it up until today (unless the stop-loss was triggered before then, at which I would consider the stop-loss to be the exit-price). I have also provided the optimal or the most that could have been made during this trade. With some simple risk management techniques, you should be able to capture a large portion of the profits relative to the optimal gain.

This performance review is different than the SharePlanner Swing-Trading System. For a review on its performance, Click Here.

Below is the performance table in detail.