Today is really about the market holding on to yesterday’s Labor Day Sell-Off

Yes, I realize the stock market was closed yesterday, but that doesn’t mean the futures were, which more often than not, will usually trade a half a day, at least, when the stock market is closed. Yesterday saw the market give up a solid chunk of gains, and today looked like it would add to the mix, but really all we have seen is simply the market keeping the status quo, followed by an attempt to rally the market into the close. 

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I didn’t add any new positions today mainly because the market didn’t give me anything to work with. There were plenty of intriguing plays to consider though, from Shopify (SHOP) to CVS Health (CVS). 

There are plenty of more charts worth looking at and I’ve listed them all below. Heck, there’s even a couple of REITs which I personally try to avoid, that are included. We just need this market to break out of consolidation if we are going to ever take a strong bullish stand with this market. 

Check ’em out!

Here’s my bullish watch-list:

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