Everything is quiet right now as everyone anxiously awaits the unemployment number. I’m guessing regardless of the number, we’ll see a pretty heavy reaction to it. As it stands right now, futures are break-even with the Dow and Nasdaq each at 0 change, and the S&P slightly down at .25. No other noteworthy reports are scheduled to come out today.

As for my portfolio no new positions, but I am raising my stop-loss in OSG a slight bit from 41.49 to 41.98.

Here are Today’s Trading Ideas…

Potential Swing Trades (Long): WFC, BGC, NWL, WL

Potential Swing Trades (Short): GOOG, MPWR, LO, SLH

Stocks Ready to Bounce: PRE, ACE, BWEN

Stocks Ready to Pullback: AEIS, CREE, UA, TIVO, BVF, AWC, SLT

Breakout Stocks: DNDN, JACK, MAS

Breakdown Stocks: R, AXS