[Update:] Finally figured out why my stock screening software wasn’t working and low-and-behold it wasn’t an issue with anyone else except for me. Not the software’s fault nor the anti-virus software that I installed this weekend. Instead it was the external hard drive that held all of my data came unplugged (at my own doing) and I failed to make the connection of it being the cause why nothing was working. Phew!

By the way, I sold half my position in HPQ – I took those gains at 1.5R – I ‘ll let the rest ride out.

Also, I increased my stop-losses in a couple of positions as follows…

HPQ – 49.22

OSG – 40.72

I’ll be back a full capacity tomorrow morning in terms of the morning scans. No purpose in doing that now though as half the trading day is already over!


Sorry for the delay this morning – I am having some technical difficulties with my stock screener this morning, and is requiring all of my attention. I think the problem is that I installed a new anti-virus software program, and its idea of functionality is keeping all of my critical programs from operating correctly. I’ll keep you posted but right now I’m not the happiest guy on the block…

Enjoy the Christmas Week!