Quite the descriptive title, I know, but the market is rallying hard right now, and is doing so on very strong and above average volume. 

No doubt there is some end of year chasing going on coupled with FOMO, and a dash YOLO, I suppose too. There are gaps all over the charts popping up, many of them still unfilled from the past two months. 

A lot of industries, like Semiconductors and Biotechs are well overdue for a pullback but with the Fed and its repo purchases ongoing, that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon

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At this point, it is hard to find stocks that are not bullish, as most stocks are enjoying every moment this market has to offer. Below I’ve added my list of stocks that I am currently watching, and looking to possibly buy even, should this market rally continue. Now, I’m not going to be a homer, include the obvious stocks that have already made monumental runs higher. So for that reason, I have taken Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Alibaba (BABA) off the list, because there isn’t any foreseeable way to play them, until the market can give us a pullback of some kind. 

Also be sure to watch my recent trade review of Trinity Railroads (TRN), after stalling out at resistance

Take a look at the bullish watch-list for this week:

bullish watch list 12 16