Today was hardly a rally – yes, it will look good on the nightly news but lacked serious conviction relative to what has been seen of late. 

I’m not trusting this rally at all and did not participate in it one bit today. People will chase after it today and take the risk overnight and that is fine. But remember, the market hasn’t seen back to back gains since February 11th – over a month. Oil is still crashing and breadth was puke-worthy today.  

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For me, this market reeks of a bull trap. Hopefully not though, as I would love for this to mark the bottom of the sell-off, but experience tells me differently, and what I am reading on the market internals is not at all impressive. VIX is still in the 70’s and near its recent highs. A ton of stocks are still getting hammered today

The list below are the stocks I am watching but not until they bounce. So a 2-3 day rally if the market was to order up such a thing could create some great shorting opportunities for further downside in these names. 

Be careful guys – its okay to sit out this market mayhem and you should until you have an ideal trade setup with an acceptable risk/reward. 

Here’s the bearish watch-list for this week:

short watch list 3 17