After a week where we had a 44% gainer in one of our long plays (HNR), and both the long and short setups were net positive, the bar was set pretty high for this week’s performance. However, there is nothing shabby about this week’s results, as both the long setups outperformed the short setups by a 4-to-1 margin – EXCELLENT!!! I didn’t have a short setup on 10/6, as I didn’t like the action I was seeing in MEDQ (the short pick I had originally posted that day), yet nonetheless, it would have been a profitable trade had I kept the position posted. 

For the purposes of this exercise, I took the price at the market open the day I issued the stock pick (which typically is the worst time to be starting a new position in my opinion), and took the share price of the stock, had I held it up until today (unless the stop-loss was triggered before then, at which I would consider the stop-loss to be the exit-price). This is different than the SharePlanner Swing-Trading System. For a review on its performance, Click Here.

Below is the performance table in detail.