SharePlanner Reversal Indicator: Its Been a Good Run

2018-06-07T14:52:12-04:00June 7, 2018|

The bulls have had a great run since the May lows were established, rally 170+ points off of those lows. Much of the rally can be attributed to a few strong days that sent the market soaring higher, while much of that time was confined to sideways trading.  [...]

SharePlanner Reversal Indicator: Another Bullish Signal

2018-03-02T14:58:02-05:00March 2, 2018|

Bullish signal on the reversal indicator confirmed Last time we had a bullish reversal was back in mid-November when the market had been flat-lined for about a month. Once the signal took hold, the market rallied 300 points to the January highs, before the bearish signal finally took hold and [...]

Reversal Signal Losing Its Grip

2018-01-26T15:52:39-05:00January 26, 2018|

SharePlanner Reversal Indicator, following today’s rally is really going to be in some serious trouble.  Up until today, there was some doubt developing, as the bulls continued to see their early morning profits slip into the red. But today, all is well in the market again, as it is now [...]

Such a Futile Exercise: My Bearish Watch List

2018-01-23T14:10:56-05:00January 23, 2018|

If you haven’t noticed it lately, every time I post my list of short setups, the mood is never that uplifting.  That is because of all the things I do here at SharePlanner, nothing “feels” more like a waste of time, than putting this list together each week.  [...]

More Room to Run on the SharePlanner Reversal Indicator

2017-12-15T14:19:41-05:00December 15, 2017|

Big run today out of the market, but according to the SharePlanner Reversal Indicator, there is more opportunity still to the upside.  Yesterday’s perpetual sell-off, had me a bit concerned, enough where I added one short position to the portfolio, but immediately closed it out this morning at the open, [...]

SharePlanner Reversal Indicator Turns Bullish

2017-06-07T14:41:23-04:00June 7, 2017|

The bulls have a change in the reversal indicator Up until this week, the SharePlanner Reversal Indicator, had been pointing lower, but if you remember last week, I mentioned that we would probably get a bullish signal on the reversal indicator.  […]

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