Top 5 Swing Trading Lessons of 2022 (So Far)

2022-07-02T21:55:00-04:00July 2, 2022|

The stock market crash of 2022 has resulted in the worst first half of trading since 1970. In this video, I provide you with my top 5 swing trading lessons of 2022. Whether you are a beginner at trading or a seasoned veteran, these stock trading lessons can help you [...]

AMD Stock | Finally Time To Buy It?

2022-06-28T08:13:00-04:00June 28, 2022|

AMD stock has seen its stock price drop by 50% over the last six months. With it trading in the $80's, is now the time to buy AMD stock? Will AMD stock rally back from here or should we expect the stock to crash further? In this video I provide [...]

Stock Market Rally! Has The Stock Market Crash Bottomed!?

2022-06-25T20:13:00-04:00June 25, 2022|

The stock market may be trying to put in a stock market bottom following an epic stock market rally where stocks bounced and rallied hard. In this video, I provide my thoughts on the potential for a stock market bottom, following the epic stock market crash that started at the [...]

What’s Next For Stocks? A Stock Market Crash Update!

2022-06-06T22:37:00-04:00June 6, 2022|

The stock market, in the midst of a historic stock market crash in 2022, has managed to rally over the last two weeks. But now that stocks are consolidating, what is the next move for the stock market? Will the stock market continue to recover and rally, or will stocks [...]

Time To Buy Tesla Stock?

2022-05-24T23:33:00-04:00May 24, 2022|

Tesla stock (TSLA) has crashed since reaching all time highs. Is now the time to buy Tesla stock, or should you hold off on buying TSLA stock. In this video I provide my TSLA stock analysis, and detail the best way to buy Tesla stock and when.

Where’s The Rally in Stocks? Stock Market Crash Update

2022-05-21T18:53:00-04:00May 21, 2022|

The stock market crash continued for a seventh straight week. Going back to 1958 this has only happened two other times for SP500 and Nasdaq 100. In this video, I provide my technical analysis on the stock market by providing SPY ETF analysis, along with analysis of QQQ ETF. I [...]

Get Ready for the Stock Market Rally

2022-05-14T22:10:00-04:00May 14, 2022|

The Stock Market Crash of 2022 has been massive, but now with extreme oversold conditions and fear among investors and traders, we are setting up for a significant stock market rally in the short-term.

Elon Musk’s Hostile Takeover of Twitter (TWTR)

2022-04-14T19:11:00-04:00April 14, 2022|

Elon Musk is attempting a hostile takeover of Twitter (TWTR) in an effort to buy out the company and take it private at 54.20 a share. Will the board use the poison pill on the TWTR stock or will a bidding war for Twitter start? I provide my technical analysis [...]

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