The stocks below are mainly those stocks that have been on a solid uptrend of late, but are starting to show signs of breaking down along with a loss of interest by the street as a whole. So if you are looking to short this market, which definitely takes some guts (but the potential for reward is probably greater than it ever has been), then this is a good cheat sheet for you to start with while compiling your own personal short watch-list. Interestingly enough, the list of stocks grew exponentially from a few weeks ago, from 7 stocks to 28 stocks – 4 times the amount using the same parameters as before.

Every sector has a healthy representation for the most part, but there seems to be a tad bit more emphasis on the real-estate driven industries as a whole.

Now realize this, not every stock on this list, will you agree with me or my screening software that it is a good short position to undertake. However, what I am doing for you is providing you with a list of stocks based on a number of my own preferred variables that reduces the list of candidates to short from a few thousand down to just a handful – in this case, 28 stocks. But I am pretty confident that you can find a few stocks worth shorting in the list below. 

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