For both technical and fundamental traders/investors this stock screen carries a lot of importance. Almost every stock out there has at least a firm or two covering them, but even still there are companies here and there that are completely out of sight from Wall Street. The intriguing part about these companies is that as they continue to increase in value, the street will start noticing, and then all of a sudden, a stock which managed to make it without the help of Wall Street suddenly will be propelled higher and higher once Wall Street jumps on the bandwagon via upgrades and new analyst coverage. So in many ways, you could look at these companies as sleeping giants just waiting to be awakened – and when they do – WATCH OUT!

For those with an appetite for risk, look at Craft Brewers Alliance (HOOK), as a potential bounce play. The stock has taken a beating of late after going from $2.50/share up to $10. Right now it is siting around $8, and could be prime for another run up in price. 

Here are the 25 Stocks w/o Analyst Coverage.