11/29/11 – Trade Review on SPY 125/120 Bear Put Vertical Spread

New trade review posted that one of our fellow traders did on the SPY.  Check it out to see why he used a vertical spread, when he took his profit, and what his further action should be.

SPY 125/120 Vertical Spread

11/19/11 – Reworked the Back 2 Basics Page

We decided the old page just didn’t provide enough information to be valuable to the new investor.  We have reworked the page into seperate lessons and will continue to expand it to show a walkthrough of buying your first option.  We believe this will help the new option through their first option trade.

10/28/11 – Optionology has launched!

Optionology is now live!  Check out the latest way to learn about options.  Back 2 Basics brings you the beginner material to help you get started on your option learning.  Advanced topics will dig deeper into the more complicated aspects of options.  Topics such as ‘The Greeks’, volatility, etc…  Then there is The Plays which lay out each option play with stats and a profit/loss graph.  Stay tuned for more as we will continue to update the topics and sections of Optionology.  All updates will be posted here.

Adam Beaty