Some short-term overhead resistance forming that $VRTX is close to pushing through for another breakout. Caution though is warranted as is the case with any biotech.
$CCJI’m not quite sure what will happen with that one. Pulled back to price level support, but could ultimately seeing the bounce run out of steam and back to the original breakout level.

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I don’t think there is a trade setup here yet in $LMND, but what I could see happening is that basing pattern from last December continuing to develop and create an inverse head and shoulders pattern. That could be really enticing once it breaks the neckline.
Nice bull flag breakout on $SLM, but it also in the past week, lost its rising uptrend, which puts into question how good this breakout could be. But on the other hand that nice bounce off of support going back to Feb is encouraging. I think everything looks good on it except for the trend-line break.