Watching for $SMCI to pullback to the rising trend-line for a potential bounce play.

smci 28


Rumors of an $AMC buyout by $AMZN shooting stock price up, and potential creating a breakout scenario. However, in doing so it will keep a lot of long-term bagholders ($10+) from ever colonizing the moon.

amc 28

patterns to profits training course
$LE with a double bottom forming, but yet to break through resistance and confirm the pattern.le 28
$SCCO bounced hard after breaking out of sideways price action, and now back in a choppy trading range.

scco 28

$CHUY with a bull flag like pattern back to its rising trend-line and now attempting to bounce. Needs to push through the bull flag pattern to confirm.chuy 28

$BABA attempting to hold the 200-day moving average, also needs to make sure to hold the gap higher this morning.
baba 28

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