Here are the rest of the short setups for you to keep an eye on. Those in yellow represent new additions to the list.

For those that are wanting to know why I include any of the stocks listed below on my watch-list, it is due to the following three reasons:

1) Price and volume pattern is intriguing.

2) Stock has been heavily sold-off in the recent days or weeks, but still remains on the list for a possible short off of a weak rally.

3) Stock is one of intrigue to me, such as Goldman Sachs (GS), so I keep it around in the case that there is a setup that is too good to pass up.

Most of them though fall under condition one. I’ve also gone ahead and highlighted those stocks that are new to the list. The stop-losses for ALL of the stocks have been updated. Don’t be a stranger if you have any questions.

Made a few trades today, as I was stopped out of my gold position (GLD), and also hit my target price in FITB. I am currently left with four short positions in Dollar Financial (DLLR), Mindray Medical (MR), Ensco (ESV) and finally my position in SPDRs S&P 500 (SPY). The action of late in ESV has been a bit discouraging, and will be re-evaluating my position in it. Rallying three straight days is a bit crazy, and while I still have profits in this holding, I am a bit concerned of how it is behaving. I’ll keep you posted.

Here are 33 Short Setups.