Its been a while since I posted my shorting watch-list and you may be wondering “why do have a shorting watch-list when you are 65% Long on the market right now?”. The answer to that is easy: the market is ever-changing, and sometimes you have to be prepared to flip the switch and go short and vice versa if conditions suddenly change. So out of practice I always have a running watch-list for both long and short setups – like a good Boy Scout I try to always be prepared, especially for the unexpected. As a note, I am not short any of these stocks right now, they (once again) are simply stocks that I am watching for potential short setups in the future.

Here are the requirements for inclusion on this list:

1) Price and volume pattern is intriguing

2) Stock has been heavily sold-off in the recent days or weeks, but still remains on the list for a possible short off of a weak rally

3) Stock is one of intrigue to me so I keep it around in the case that there is a setup that is too good to pass up.

Most of them right now fall under #1 as many of the stocks have very favorable short setups, currently. The stop-losses for ALL of the stocks have been updated. Don’t be a stranger if you have any questions.

Here are 56 Short Setups.