Still euphoric, still irrational, but the Robinhood Bros are keeping this market poppin’.  

I’m a day late on this watch-list, I get it, but hey, things happen at times. Nonetheless, here’s the watch-lists I’ve put together of the stocks to watch both to the long side and short side. As you can see, the short setups are few and far between. As for the long setups, yeah, there is around 30 or so stocks, but in the past I have kept around 80 or so on there. The problem is even though the market has been in a strong bull market since the March lows, most stocks are not offering quality risk/reward setups. 

Take today for instance, I wanted to jump into RingCentral (RNG) as it was breaking out of a triangle, and the same with Twilio (TWLO), but the stop-losses were about 10% from the breakout level, and for some that may be an okay amount of risk, for me it wasn’t so, I passed on the trade. And that is a good thing to do – when the reward-to-risk doesn’t match what you can tolerate, you move on to a new trade. There is a lot of that going on these days because so many traders aren’t even considering risk, and as a result taking on trades that makes zero sense from a trading standpoint, simply because they think they can make big $$$. Take Urban One (UONE) for example – up 250% today, and a few hundred percent the day before (who’s really counting?). Plenty of retail traders are playing this stock, and probably making some money off of it, and even holding it overnight – but with that kind of volatility, how in the world do you properly manage risk? You can’t .

Below you will find my watch-lists as they currently are – yes, they change throughout the week, but you have to be in The Trading Block for that. For now, this is what I am currently keeping my eyes on.  

Here’s my watch-list of long setups I am following:

bullish watch list 6 16

Here’s my watch-list of short setups I am following:

bearish watch list 6 2

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