Four days in positive territory, and the bulls are making a run in the early going at making it a fifth. Overseas markets were up strong after the performance the U.S. markets had on Friday (due mainly to the positive sentiment Bernanke has on a U.S. recovery). So in a nutshell, the U.S. is following the lead of the overseas markets, who happen to be following the lead of the U.S. markets and their returns back on Friday. Make sense? That is the euphoria that enraptures a crazed bull market.

Also updated the stock screens (4 of them in total), and the market barometer. So be sure to check out those weekly updates.

As for a couple of stocks worth watching today for possible trade setups here they are:

Long Setups: ASTI, AHL

Short Setups: ATSI (not the ASTI on the long), BONT, CF, CIR

Have a great week of trading everyone!