The stock market market is heading for a three-day weekend, with Labor Day quickly approaching. 

Considering what we have seen so far in the month of August, no one is going to argue with the extra time off. 

However, the market is quickly fading today, and looks to be giving its best shot at ending yesterday’s dead cat bounce. 

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I faded the Nasdasq this morning when I saw the VIX lacking any substantial move to the downside, and breadth really not signaling any major strength. That was my cue to add a little something to the short side, and I did

Below I have put together a rather extensive list of short setups, that was pretty hard to narrow down actually. There are a lot of really good names on there and would encourage you all to check them out. 

Unless we get some headlines, I suspect the volume will fade into the holiday weekend. 

Here’s the watch-list for the bearish short-setups:

bearish watch list 8 27