I’m not sure how ‘click-baity’ that title was, but it felt good when I wrote it, so I just went with it. 

But geeze-louise, this market has completely lost track of what a sell-off is – to be honest, my memory is a bit foggy on the subject matter as well. 

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some intriguing short setups still to be had. Hell, I’m still short a stock right now, and while I’m not necessarily losing money on the trade, I’m not making anything off of it either – just waiting for it to decide what it wants to ultimately do. 

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Right now, it is a hard proposition to go long on anything, not because the market isn’t bullish, but going long when the market is this overextended is a bit nuts from a risk/reward standpoint. It is so much better here to simply be patient and wait for price to contract a little bit. Doesn’t even have to be much. 


If it is ‘much‘, well then you have a handy go-to short list to fall back on, won’t we?  

Take a look at the bearish watch-list below: 

bearish watch list 11 19