Remember when Trump was going to put us in World War III with Iran? 

Or how about The Trade War would ruin the global economy?

Hell, I’m old enough to remember when North Korea was going to kill us all with their nuclear arsenal

But nothing has us freaked out like the Coronavirus! People are practically turning into zombies and eating each other in the streets!

But as for stonks – well they just keep marching higher. yeah, they had us fooled last week when it decided to go negative on the year and for the month of January, but February is having nothing to do with that and putting the market back at their rightful place – all-time highs. 

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All the while we have an inverted yield curve!

Which brings me to my short-watch-list below. I have a few short positions in the portfolio – one of them has me hating life (down 4% on it, while the others are slightly red, but not too bad). Part of me questions if this +70 point rally over the last two days will hold in the days that follow, which is why I’m keeping the majority of my short positions around. I will say this, the internals of the market the past two days remains pretty strong, and unless the market starts to nosedive yet again, I would assume the market is resuming its bullish posture. 

That means, the list below, while there will be some profitable opportunities in it, will likely struggle to find any consistency across the board to the downside. Nonetheless, I do this exercise because I always want to be ready, and provide the setups that look the most bearish and with the most potential, according to my fallible discernment. 

Here’s the bullish watch-list for this week:

short watch list 2 4