Market is showing a respectable bounce – in essence it is attempting to stop the minor bleeding over the past couple of days. Overall the pullback had little to no volume compared to the run up, and selling was in a very orderly fashion (no fear at all). 

I’m looking to add one more trade to the portfolio outside of the one I took this morning in PNR, and right now IACI is at the top of the list. 

As always because traders come in all sizes and strategies, I still provide a short setup in case I’m wrong in my bullish thesis for others to take if they so choose to do. This go around, it is ASML which is breaking down nicely off of a (rough) head and shoulders price pattern. 

And by the way – the IACI trade setup came from a trader in the SharePlanner Pro Trading Platform – so I can’t take credit for it – but I do LIKE IT!

Here’s today’s Lazy Trades:

LONG: Interactive Corp (IACI)

Interactive Corp IACI

SHORT: ASML  Holdings (ASML)

ASML Holdings ASML