Bull Flag in the market indices pointing towards higher prices. 

I am predominantly long on this market, but still waiting to see if it really wants to extend itself notably higher than the highs established in January. So far the price action has bee a little sluggish, but on the same note, it isn’t giving up much in gains either. 

The Coronavirus seems to be the biggest obstacle currently hitting the market and keeping it from ramping higher

I’ve added one new long position to my portfolio, and have a slew of setups I can hop on if this market wants higher prices. 

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Energy stocks though – so much potential for a hard bounce here, but simply won’t make the move, and giving up much of the gains from last week’s mid-week bounce is disappointing too. I’m also getting interested again in the semiconductors as there is some momentum building there that could result in further price appreciation for stocks within that industry. 

Here’s the bullish watch-list for this week:

bullish watch list 2 10