Buy The Dip, Sell The Rip

Futures opened up strong last night and had investors hoping for a big rally this week. However, by the time the morning rolled around, the pajama traders had sold the rip. 

But since the equities have opened up, guess what has happened?

Any guess? 

They bought that freakin’ dip. So now, we are back to basically the same place that we have been the past eight trading sessions: Breakeven!

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Putting together my bullish watch-list for the week though, I came across a lot of quality trade setups, so despite the indirection of almost two weeks now, there are some solid quality setups to be had. I particularly like Twitter (TWTR) the most. Even with Facebook (FB) getting slammed, this stock is still rallying the troops. I’m waiting for a good entry on it – preferably around $43.50. I had a chance earlier at it, but didn’t like the overall market conditions that I was dealing with at the time, so I held off. 

Semiconductor stocks also trying to rebound today as well, and they deserve a good look. Check out Teradyne (TER) breaking out to new recent highs again. 

Take a look at the bullish watch-list below: 

bullish swing trading watch list 9 23