SharePlanner has been off-line for the past week due to a group of hackers that thought it would be cute to hack on to the server that hosts SharePlanner, and filter their political propaganda through all of the websites hosted by the server. As a result, I’ve had to reconstruct the entire site from scratch and let me tell you that hasn’t been easy whatsoever. There are still some things that I am working on, so if from time-to-time things are looking perfect, just bare with me as I still work through some of the site format issues that I am still workign on.

As you can see though, the website has a different look – since the website was taken down, and since I would have to re-design the website anyways, I figured I would re-do the look of the website.

As for the hackers themselves, I’ve managed to grab their IP address and submit the information to the FBI. Not sure if the IP address and their service provider is enough to make these pimple-face losers pay for what they have done, but it is a start.

By Monday, SharePlanner will be back to its old ways of doing things – there has been a lot that has changed over the past week in the market, and I plan on keeping you abreast of all the developments, and helping you to know what step to take next!